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Omax Security Services Private Limited is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company lead by highly qualified professionals extracted from armed forces and private security agencies. This has been launched with a view to generate and provide well trained young and energetic personnel to afford desired safeguarding to private houses, firms, factories, vital installations and house keepings. We further introduce ourselves as the most professional security agency able to provide high quality services to the best satisfaction and requirement for our clients.

We understand that the need of security has become crucial to the mankind in the event of accelerated crime; violence mistrust and treachery, the demand of well trained professionals are increasing day by day which are being met with by various security agencies. But the security industry has been plagued by dishonest contract. Security companies are struggling to compete for providing security services to the clients offering the lowest bid. These companies charge the least, promise the most and usually perform the worst.

We, the OSS do not believe in or subscribe to the "warm body syndrome," which is contrary to and a very common practice in the contract security industry. That is, we do not offer or provide "warm bodies" to work in any security related function for any clients


  • Each of our security personnel are fully qualified, experienced and trained and mostly drawn from Para military. We do not maintain minimum or sub-standard wages for our employees. In order to provide our clients with superior, reliable, dependable and professional high quality services, we must hire and retain experienced and highly qualified security personnel and pay them well.

    OSS utilise the latest equipments in communication necessary to protect your industries/investments. We are uniquely qualified to provide superior security for protection of property, personal protection, , loss prevention, including employee background investigations, fraudulent activities, sensitive internal issues and legal support services to businesses, corporations, individuals, governments, school, college and universities.

    We are very proud of the quality services we continue to provide for our valued clients. With OSS, our clients can expect a close personal relationship or "partnership," designed to ensure the full satisfaction of our service. Our senior company executive will assist in the implementation and maintenance of your security system. These individuals will also attend all meetings, receive directions, address all concerns, be readily available to you and your staff 24X7 and will consistently and closely monitor our service for your complete satisfaction.

Services We Provide


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Our Organization is best in offering well-versed, well –trained Man Power

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